display settings panel overview

How to configure the display
of service information

Content overview

What is "View settings" panel

Working with the system, mostly you will have to deal with the panel of the results of testing the website. By default, there is some information on it already. However, if you need to display more information, you have to point out it explicitly. It is exactly why we need "View settings" panel.

The panel is at the top of the screen and is called up by pressing on icon "View settings".

What is information display settings panel

How to open "View settings" panel

  • * Click on the "View settings" icon.
  • * The panel with detailed settings will appears.
  • * Make the charges what you need. E.g., if you want show information about meta pages description, select appropriate checkbox, if you want the information about keywords to be displayed on website results page - select "Keywords" checkbox.
How to open View settings panel

What is inside this panel. Description.

  • Table view model :
    • Fit to screen - if table has a lot of data, it could be rather complicated to works with such overloaded spreadsheet. Selecting "fit to screen" expands the table to full width, which holds all data without hyphenation and cutting. It can be wider that physical screen but, it is easier for understanding anyway
    • 100% size - if this is selected, your spreadsheet with data will be adjusted to physical screen width.
  • Font size - set font size on the screen.
  • Font style - set font style on the screen.
  • Filters (display if checked):
    These settings allow us to make selected metas visible on test result page. E.g. if you select checkbox "Robots", value in meta "Robots" of according page will be displayable on result page. What is inside this panel. Description.
    • Page load time - show/hide page load time on the result page
    • Page title - show/hide pages title on result page
    • Charset - show/hide pages encoding page on result page
    • Keywords - show/hide values of "keywords" metas on result page
    • Description - show/hide values of "description" metas on result page
    • Author - show/hide values of "Authors" meta on result page
    • Cache control - show/hide values of "Cache control" meta on result page
    • Robots - show/hide values of "Robots" meta on result page
    • Canonical - show/hide values of "Canonical" meta on result page
    • Social networks integration - show/hide data of social networks integration such as OGP (open graph protocol): Facebook, Twitter etc. on result page