meta tags

Meta Window-target

Assigns the current page window. The action is similar to the target HTML tag attribute A, only not for the newly opened, namely for this page.

_blank The document opens in a new tab / window
_parent The page will open in the parent frame of the current tab in relation to the current frame from which the page was invoked; if the current frame is the top, then in this case the behavior is equivalent to _self and _top
_top loading in the uppermost frame of the current tab
_self opening a document in the frame from which the page load was called
<name> the name of the window (tab or frame); if you previously loaded a page with the specified name in the meta tag `window-target` or was opened by the link with the specified name in the attribute target, then the page should load in the same tab; if this meta is supported by the browser, then you can open all the pages of a certain subject (for example, help on using the site or contact details) in the same tab without creating a new one

Force this page to open in the top-level frame of the current tab:

< meta http-equiv = "Window-target" content = "_top" >

Open the page in a new tab, or in the tab named "my_site_documentation". All pages with such a tag and exactly that name (in some browsers the case of characters in the name is important) will be opened in the same tab.

< meta http-equiv = "Window-target" content = "my_site_documentation" >

Not all browsers recognize and equally process this meta.