meta tags

Meta tag value

The metadata about the web page was originally intended, in particular, to help search engines classify a web page as a category. In the 1990s, meta tags were actively used to promote their site, including providing false or redundant data. Over the past decades, developers of search engines have taken many measures to stop such manipulations: for example, from the factors of unconditional ranking, the tag keywords, the principles of correctly filling in the main tags, TITLE and description also changed.

Due to the fact that the meta tags are purely a service function, and in addition, significantly increase the size of the hypertext document, beginning Web developers often ignore them or use the template values provided by the development tools. However, the competent provision of service information that browsers, searches and third-party software can handle equally easily, helps a more successful indexing of the page in the search engines and finer control over the behavior of browsers.