meta tags

Meta Keywords

Used to provide data to search engines to increase the relevance of some words when searching.

Almost all search engines ignore words from this list if they do not occur in the visible part of the page. The recommended number of words in this tag is 5-10. In addition, it has been shown by experience that splitting this tag into several lines affects the evaluation by search engines of the relevance of the page to the query.

Previously, this tag played an important role in the ranking of the site, but to date the search engines are very critical of it. Since the developers of search engines disclose only some of the features of the page ranking algorithms, it is difficult to say how significant the content of this tag is, but the fact that the correctly filled tag will help at least slightly increase the significance of these words is confirmed by representatives of all major search engines, without forgetting to indicate this in the directories for webmasters.

< meta name = "keywords" content = "Wiki, Meta Tags, Article" />