meta tags



It is designed to provide search engines with a brief description of the contents of the page for indexing and output of accompanying information in the output of search results. Once the information from this tag was necessarily displayed in the search result and had a special weight in the indexing, however, due to abuse, various search engines use different algorithms to assess the relevance of the description and content of the page specified in the tag, on the basis of which they can ignore the contents of the tag .

Despite this, it is preferable to fill this tag, but take into account that the effective text length that can be placed in this tag by different search engines is set at their discretion and at the moment the recommended size is from 70 to 140 characters, and the maximum processed does not exceed 400.

It is well known:

  • * The content of the tag is taken into account and sometimes used to display in the output of search results. For example, as reported by Yahoo :

    <meta name = "Description" content = "..." /> - the content of this tag can be used in snippets (descriptions of sites on the search results page);

    In some "magical" cases, even with this tag in the search, the text from the page is used as a description of the page. And this is not always a lead-paragraph (the first one on the page).
  • * The effective length of content taken into account for different search engines is different, for that they are different search engines.
  • * The content of the tag influences the relevance evaluation, but how exactly today, perhaps, the developers themselves will not even tell, because many different and complex algorithms are used to calculate the relevance in all search engines. Therefore, developers in a variety of articles and blogs, almost in unison, say that no, does not affect in any way.
  • * To specify this tag all the same it is necessary, about it there are instructions in systems of the help to web masters of all large search engines.

< meta name = "description" content = "Some Meta Tags" />