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Meta ClearType

For Mobile Internet Explorer - allows you to force the ClearType technology for anti-aliasing of fonts on LCD screens.

ClearType technology - proprietary, that is, the exclusive right to its use belongs to Microsoft, is used in the Windows family. Have you noticed that in IE the same fonts look different than in other browsers? And in Photoshop? This is mainly due to different technologies for smoothing fonts.

Perhaps, it is understood by other browsers from Microsoft, however on "older" systems this technology is enabled by default and with some settings it turns off when working from a barter. And since "surfing" on the laptop from the battery and in MS Explorer, it's still necessary to guess or get into an extreme situation, when not to such trifles, very few people paid attention - whether this forced inclusion on desktop IE. And if they did, then "for some reason" did not find it necessary to leave information anywhere.

< meta http-equiv = "cleartype" content = "on" />