meta tags

Meta PICS-Label

PICS - (from the English Platform-Independent Content rating Scheme Label ) - indicates a standardized label characterizing the content of the site. Similarly, by appointment, rental categories for films in the cinema or television broadcasts. Used by search engines for ranking and browsers in access control systems. For example, if the browser has parental controls enabled on your computer, the browser will refuse to display pages with invalid content.

Invented long ago, but is actively developing in our days. In some "not our" countries, the mandatory use of this tag is prescribed by the laws for everyone, in "several others" - this tag is mandatory for pages with "special" content: sex, violence, etc., access to which has age or other restrictions.

<! - Safe for children ->
< meta http-equiv = "PICS-Label" content = '(PICS-1.1 "" LR (s 0) ) ' >

The marking must be carried out by special services - labeling services .

Here are the options:

  • 1. Specialists labeling service carry out an "evaluation" of the content of the site and put it in its database, integrated with the web server and designate the developer the contents of the tag to indicate on the pages of the site;
  • 2. The developer of the site fills in a special form for labeling services and thereby generates a corresponding tag <META HTTP-EQUIV="PICS-Label"...>. Such an opportunity is provided free of charge, for example, on the Vancouver-Webpages server .

That is, simply inserting the tag into your page at your discretion - is fraught with at least a misunderstanding, and in most cases - an unpredictable set of troubles, unnecessary excitement and waste.