product overview

Key features

* Unlimited domains
* Unlimited webpages
* Unlimited number of attempts test
* Unlimited external links
* Unlimited any links
* Automatized test without reminders. You will just receive email with test results so often as you needed
* Accurate test with intellectual load monitoring system. It doesn't DDOS your website
* Respect robots.txt and website load.

You act within your disk quota. You can extend it if necessary. Only this is make sense.

Few words how the technology works

Everything in internet based on links or more accurately on hypertext protocol. A distinctive feature of hypertext is links and their statuses. If website in good shape - there are just a few broken pages, a lot of alive pages with content, some redirects etc. All of them has response codes and, based on these facts every website has quality factor score. So, we can accurately crawl website and analyze all pages, theirs links (including outbound links status!), linked text, meta information, content and some other website parameters. Based on this data we can build the complete picture of website linking with all weak points. This can make website support and promotion much-much easier, saving time, automating many routine operations and giving you best practice of other websites.

Why this is important

In internet there are a lot of opinions how broken links affects website SERP (search engine result page), but most logically if even it doesn't, your customer would be really upset if one day couldn't open one of the important page of your web-site. Not even to mention that you have to control pages accessibility and page load time. All of it is achievable by means of our website quality assurance tool.

Of course, there are many worthy desktop-based tools with the same idea: control website quality, but all of them has the same weak points:

1. Narrow/slow local internet channel could make all tests invalid, or even not doable
2. Some tests are conducted in an overly aggressive manner and may even put the website on their knees
3. Your ISP can modify pages on the fly. This is unlikely, but this could happen if the channel is not closed https. Yeah, everybody wants own advertisement
4. It's rather complicated to sleep under computer's cooler buzzing, the test can take really long time. ;-)

Moreover, you can easily control the statuses of all external (outbound) links, their follow/nofollow status, alive they or not. No sense keep links to the not working website, right? Unreasonably to place external link w/o closing nofollow.