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Key features


Automatic process requiring minimal human involvement (mostly without involving at all). Customizable smart filters block all unnecessary pages by your request.

Smart, gently, multi factorial

Deep investigation will not break your website because of smart and gently algorithm behavior. However, multilateral website checking will take really short time.


You can check your websites so many times as needed, so many pages as it's necessary, so many links as you wanted. Only the disk quota makes sense, but it's really big.


Comprehensive website analyzes are included webpages, internal and external links to the all types of documents, taking into consideration follow/nofollow attributes and their response codes.

connectivity analysis

Deep connectivity analysis of website pages

As the result of our algorithm working you will have the complete picture and understanding of all your website connections including webpages, documents, all types of built-in elements, internal and external links. You will have compleate understanding what exactly outbounds from the this page and what exactly inbounds into that page, with all the codes and nofollow status.

process of working

Fast, accurate, neatly

Our algorithm is really exact but and neatly as well. Usual crawl speed is about 1 hit per 1-2 seconds what ensures that it doesn't affect on your website productivity.

The easy-to-use pages explorer helps you to catch the weakness and mistakes of your website even without source code understanding.


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